13 ways to get more Instagram followers (2020)

Want to get more Instagram followers (Fast)? These 13 insane unaffected tips will flood your Instagram with tonnes of organic & original followers right under the Sun.

We have listed out our actionable 13 ones that’ll get you more instagram followers for free.

These tips will surely give you a follower’s boost and public engagement on your instagram account but it will also further help you to get your instagram account verified with a blue tick in the far future which I’ll tell you later on!!

So without further due let’s get started!!

If you don’t have time time to read the full post I’ll drop list here for you so if you require you’ll always come back to us for more info.

Or jump right in:

By following these points you’ll certainly get supplemental instagram followers, but keep in mind that it’s not going to happen in a night, everybody has hard roads so do you so, have patience and follow them consistently!

Let’s dive right in!!

1. Post Unique & Quality content.

Okay! I know everyone is unique, but you need to actually stand out on Instagram because it is the only social platform that outperformed Facebook and other social networking sites.

Your distinctive style will get you more Instagram followers. if your instagram profile is

Fascinate enough to hook them to you.

okayyyy! enough bragging, i’ll tell you how to do that by showing you something.

if you have a private account switch to a executive account (settings>account>switch to personal account).

let us scrutinize that you are from a bodybuilding niche. Your bio and your landing page must be around topics like nutrition, athlete, workout, diet, etc. and all bodybuilding related stuff see the above image.

see how organised this above instagram profile is, and the profile looks clean and fascinating too. This profile revolves around body building and fitness related stuff.

These kinds of stuff are related to your niche and it will help the Instagram algorithm and audience to easily identify that you’re genuine (very helpful in getting verified with the blue tick!).

So by keeping that in mind that you are legitimate. Your content must be also be enhanced around topics related to bodybuilding.

It a positive sign, as your target audience is searching for it, to them your content is quality content.

Make your content that unique that people have no other choice other than sharing it.

Now post at least 9 photos on your Instagram profile or if you already have this much photos you’re cool to go for the next tip!

2. Use creative hash tags.

#creative Nay! not that one. I’m talking about creative hash tags which are super cool and looks elegant on your photo.

Hash tags are mainly soul of your content without them your posts will be deserted!

instagram is the only crucial platform that uses hashtags.

being creative with hash tags is child’s play if you do it the right way.

but keep in mind that the hashtags you are using must look good and relevant to your post.

Funny, ironic, sarcastic are best choices to go for but don’t be lame 🙂

if you’re not getting any idea just visit All hashtag here you can get bunch of hash tag based on your search, thank me later…

Just type in your niche or post type in search box and you’re good to go.

3. Get attention of relevant audience.

Relevant, what???

Relevant audience are the people who are actually delighted in your field and they are looking for the content you are endorsing.

Getting attention of applicable audience is not a piece of cake you have to earn it from them.

So how to do it??

Don’t worry i got your back. it’s a simple formula and it is totally an actionable one just search for the top peoples in your niche, they have all the audience you need.

Just go to their posts and get an idea of hashtags they are using as well as people comparing, following, commenting on their piece of content they are the people you’re watching for.

Now pick up some hashtags ideas from them too and go to their comment section and leave a pitch down there as illustrated above or something better if you have one :

But that’s just scratching the surface. Our main goal is to first increase our followers to a certain good digit than directly asking famous faces to partner with you. But with fewer followers, they are not gonna respond to you!

this above trick helps and is gonna stay for a long time. So every time a person goes through comments on that post you have a higher chance that person is gonna visit your profile.

4. Get a Clean & attractive bio.   

Yess! the most important part is here.

Bio is the only thing that a person stares in your profile after your profile picture.

Your bio narrates your profession and some personal things about you so you have to tell a lot about you in only a few words.

The more you express in fewer words the cooler it focuses.

if you don’t wanna work out visit Oberlo and you’ll get plenty of creative bios. you can modify them according to your preferences.

now i’ll tell you how to do it the right way.

In a recent study, it was found that the majority of accounts above a half a million followers have a super short bio and the cherry on the cake ‘a sweet link’.

Now write a unique and sensible bio and try to provide a short link if possible and you’re good to go… 🙂

5.Always Go for a classy caption.

Ahhh! captions are my favourite one.

Any pic without caption is broken. They are just like door and handle! (apology! sometimes i’m lame).

captions that suits your images in my judgements are best as if you posted a picture of yourself  enjoying a vacation, so your caption must be like :

“An adventure a day keeps the doctor away”

“Vacation bound”

And probably something like that.

now i’m gonna show you how to do this the cool way:

So be a little bit careful what caption you need and what you don’t.

6. Remove zombie photos (Tagged!).

Tagging is annoying we all know, anyone can tag you in a shitty post and you can only remove to a limit after that you can’t do anything about it.

but visualize a arbitrary guy tagging you in his post, and the post is some how disturbing you don’t wanna show them to your user.

you can’t remove every images but you can remove the ones which you are not comfortable to display it to your audience.

here’s the catch :

•          Tap the photo or video.

•          Tap your username.

•          Tap Remove Me From Post.

•          Tap Remove (iPhone).

7. Be consistent on Instagram TV.

Instagram tv is a new feature to Instagram which was much needed by content generators.

suppose you are selling some products on Instagram and the product review is too long to be shared by video feature as Instagram only allowed a few minutes of video-sharing opportunities.

Instagram tv lets you do this without any limitations. that is the reason why this feature has become so popular and favorite of the content generators.

if you can utilise it fully there’s not a better thing than that. I can show you how to use it the right way :

King bach is a popular face among viners his 90% content is in video format so IGTV is a great platform for him to promote his upcoming content and trailers.

Apart his vines are awesome and funny as hell.

He is consistent on IGTV, his videos are majorly funny vines, movie trailers, web series, and parodies(my fav’s). In my opinion this is the best use of IGTV.

So even if your field is not about videos than being consistent only means that post at least 1 video per month.

Now you can post videos about what you’re planning to do in the future, about your profile, your profession and how your channel is different.

8. Become a part of Instagram suggest.

Here we are talking about the explore Tab of Instagram. That’s the news feed offered by Instagram for you based on your interests.

This is the Instagram explore tab. highlighted in a green circle. Now I’m gonna give you a clear picture of what this tab is all about.

This is the explore tab of Techyconsole’s Instagram account so hefty of my searches are for technology or they always revolve around the new technology-related stuff.

As you can clearly see my newsfeed that most of it is covered by news about technology, new gadgets, new smartphones, and Batman also.. 🙂

If you’re wondering about batman in my news feed, i’ll tell you.

Although I searched about batmobile a month ago only once but i can always spot the Batman-related stuff every time I’m on my Explore feed.

The more you use the explore feed, Instagram’s algorithm will become more accurate in showing you your topics of interest.

Featuring on explore tab is a big achievement in itself but it’s not so easy as it looks.

If you want to know more about explore tab Hootsuite wrote an awesome article on that you’re welcome to check that out.

If you’re doing it the right way you are surely gonna featured on the explore tab of someone who searched about your niche.

9. Search optimize your instagram name.

Let’s say you are from a fashion industry and you want your profile to show up when someone searches for a key word “fashion” this is called Instagram search optimization

so i’ll show you it in action :

Now see the above green highlighted thing this is the place where your name should be but in this profile the user added their niche to their name.

Now what exactly this thing do??

By adding your niche to your name it gets optimized for a keyword “entrepreneur” meaning that every time someone searches for word “entrepreneur” your name will appear on search.

just apply it to your name and see the magic :

The profile is ranked 3rd on the search results despite having an ordinary number of followers on Instagram.

What are You waiting for??

Get it done!!!

10. Always go for partnership opportunities in your niche.

Now that you have done so much hard work, it’s time to do a bit more.

You have to find partnership opportunities with the peoples having similar niches as you, there you’ll find your target audience.

Top brands partner with top influencers on Instagram to advertise their products but they chose the influencers that are famous faces or have mammoth followers.

Their target is to advertise their products to the maximum number of people.

finding collaboration opportunities on Instagram are handy if you do it the right way so let’s dive right in.

This is a mere example of a collaborated post with a Fitness gear brand.

Instagram is the best platform for promoting products due to the insane rates (1.73%) of post engagements which is a bit higher than other social platforms.

Now you have to build a solid Instagram profile that is approachable by Big Brands.

But truth be told it’s too tough to be approached by big brands if you’re merely started.

Now what to do???

You have to find the brands that are also newbies and are digging their way in to build strong brand power. so find them they are the right choice.

Approach them and let them know you are also a newbie and help each other grow your audience.

11. Keep your instagram profile as clean & attractive as possible.

Your Instagram profile is a reflection of your life.

The more interesting it is the more people want to be part of it. Your Instagram profile can make or break your first impression factor.

It Is the Most Important Factor you have to work on, I will tell you how to do it the right way so without any further due.

So to make awesome Instagram profile Keep in mind the following facets.

•          You have to make Your bio section clutter-free.

•          Customize your Stories section to be more catchy.

•          Upload unique piece of fresh content.

•          Always add a link to your bio if possible.

Now customize your Instagram profile to the fullest to turn every visitor into a follower.

12. Always promote your instagram name tag.

Name tags are Cool and attractive way to promote your Instagram account on various platforms.

Here’s what a typical Name tag looks like :

You Can always promote and share your name tag on various platforms and tell people to scan and follow you as i have done below.??

To see your name tag go to :

profile>settings>name tags.

Now click on “scan name tag” and scan the code If you’re a desktop user.

13. Promote your instagram profile on other platforms.

Now we have done a hell lott’a work, we made a lot of progress and customized our profile to the fullest.

But how would people know that we exist??

You can promote your profile proportional to how many digits you can spend.

But Hey! there’s always a alternative approach but it’s not easy but I’ll tell you how to do it efficiently.

If you have a Facebook account you can promote it there If you have a Reddit community you can promote it there.

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