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The entire website “thecraftee.com” terms as “we”, “us” or “our” refers to the owner of the website. This website is an absolute property of Craftee.  Every content published on the website is associated with Craftee which is protected by laws.

If you are using our services, you agree that you can use these services with our terms and conditions.  Please note that you agree all the terms and conditions carefully as it set all the legal agreements.

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Our trademark may not apply to any commercial purpose without our prior consent. It is protected by copyrights and other laws. All the content is displayed on webpage of website is under the provision of Indian copyright.

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Craftee has right to make changes in the any documents which will be notified via email to the clients.  You may not use, modify, save or make the website publicity without the prior approval from owner. Our responsibility take measures to prevent the duplication of our content, such as logo, writing, etc are registered as trademark.

Legal compliances:

You represent that you will obey will all the rules and regulations for use of the services. If you find anyone using our content without our consent, then it will be considered as a criminal.


Should you have any doubts, queries, complaints, concerns or questions regarding any or all the terms stated hereinabove, please e-mail us at zeba@thecraftee.com.

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For Indian Inquiry

Mail Us :                                                    parth@thecraftee.com                

Contact Number :                                    +91 95120 09865

For International Inquiry

Mail Us :                                                    zeba@thecraftee.com                

Contact Number :                                    +91 95120 09867

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